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Triclabendazole Sulfone-D3

Analytical Standard Neat | ILIS Analytical Standard Neat
CAS Number: n.a. MW (g/mol): 391,7 Beilstein: 18516857
CE Number: n.a. MDL Number: n.a. ID PubChem: 10340439
IUPAC Name 6-chloro-5-(2,3-dichlorophenoxy)-2-methylsulfonyl-1H-benzimidazole

Linear Formula C14H9Cl3N2O3S

Additional information




≥ 95%


10 mg


Amber vial

Shelf Life *

36 months

Price: 230,00


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* The “Shelf life” is the period of time between the production date and the expiry date of the product. With “expiry date” we indicate the last date on which the property values are guaranteedExpiry date is reported on the Certificate accompanying the productA product will be shipped guaranteeing at least 2/3 of its “shelf life”. Shelf life and expiry date remain confirmed even after opening the primary packaging as long as GLP and storage and handling instructions indicated by the RMP are respected. The indicated shelf-life refers to the code with the highest concentration. For the other concentrations available, the shelf life is 6 months shorter than that indicated.

1 Restricted to scientific laboratory use only.

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