Custom Standards

Customize your solutions

Some laboratories may require various “multi-components” solutions not usually in production. Our production labs are able to produce any “custom” mixture to meet the customer’s need.

Custom standards are produced under the certified quality management system; they have NIST traceability and, before the release, they are subjected to laboratory analysis such as homogeneity and stability tests (eg. CIPAC MT46 Stress Test).

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Documentation and Certification guaranteed by Lab Instruments

Following the interactive procedure, you can select the required concentration for each component, a suitable solvent/matrix, the quantity and type of packaging.
The produced “custom” standard is accompanied by all the documentation required by ISO Guide 35 (Reference materials – General and statistical principles for certification), ISO Guide 31 (Reference materials – Contents of certificates and labels) etc., as well as by the safety data sheet in accordance with Reg. (EC) n. 1272/2008 and by a certificate of analysis showing all the data identifying the production batch, such as concentration values and tolerance for each component, NIST, BAM and SI traceability, etc.