Qpp-Lab ®
Quick polar pesticides method

Native and isotope labeled internal standard CRM and RM for polar pesticides and their metabolites in the form of neat standards and solutions

The QuPPe method allows to determine highly polar pesticide residues non amenable to QuEChERS method, both in foods of plant origin PO (fruits, vegetables, cereals and processed products) and in foods of animal origin AO (meat, milk, cheese, eggs and their derivatives).

Our new kits designed for QuPPe-PO and QuPPe-AO analysis include all polar pesticides determined by this method, some of them being represented in the form LabStandard mixes and others in single-component solutions.

All the QuPPe “stock solutions” are made using the solvent specified in the EURL official methods.

The QuPPe-PO kit also includes QuE-Lab tubes containing ODS adsorbent (octadecylsilane).

All our isotopically marked analogs can be used as internal standards (ISTDs).

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