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Our team is made up of chemists, pharmacists, educators, and experts in instrumental chemical analysis as well as technical assistance specialists who have been working for many years in related scientific disciplines.
We are a lively and dynamic team, made up of youthful, ambitious and highly motivated people. We are thinkers, travellers, health fanatics, environmentalists, and hard workers: an innovative, competitive, skilled, and efficient “small company”.

Discover who we are

Experience and passion

We are professionals with over a century of experience in chemical analysis, but first of all we are a family that strongly believes in a common goal.

Extremely rare skills that we have in very specific fields allow us to create products with absolutely unique characteristics.

We actually grew up as Carlo Erba S.P.A. and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., one of the most prestigious multinationals in the sector. We strongly believe in the value of continuous training and we invest in it regularly by taking part in seminars, workshops and training courses.

We were "born" in 1984.

We started in 1984 as a focused commercial business operating in the sector of scientific equipment and consumer products for chemical and clinical-chemical laboratories supply. Our partners amassed experience working in chemical and clinical-chemical labs, both at universities and hospitals; they also worked as product specialists in companies producing scientific equipment. This empowered us to offer practical support and efficient after-sales services, and garnered great customer satisfaction, trust and reliability in our work.

Know How

We are the forerunners in creating “Ready-to-use” kits, containing multi-component mixtures of hundreds of standard pesticides: they are useful for the calibration of highly technological scientific equipment (GCMSMS, GCHRMS, LCMSMS, LCHRMS, LCFTMS, etc.).
We have been the first to use, in the industrial field, a “universal” quantitative analytical technique, i.e., the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (1HqNMR),
in order to assign property values, metrological and NIST traceability to certified reference materials of plant protection products and other organic compounds.

From research to solutions

1HqNMR is characterized by linearity, specificity and stability. In fact, it is considered a leading analytical method that, when compared to other techniques, does not need to follow the standard of the compound for quantification. Measurement is actually made by relating the number of protons in the analyses to those of a primary standard in a different substance.
Thanks to this method, we could qualify and assign property values to hundreds of highly pure organic substances, mostly pesticides and metabolites. From these substances we produce “Ready-to-use”, single and multi-component solutions, including the new QuPPe-AO and QuPPE-PO mixtures, which are used for the polar pesticides analysis of food of both animal and vegetable origin.

Always ready

We have a wide range of QuEChERS products for the LLE extraction and clean-up (d-SPE). Moreover, we are the first to make “Ready-to-use” products for “SweEt” (Swedish Ethyl) extraction.
Thanks to the flexibility that distinguishes our production process, we are always ready to comply with EU regulations and the new analytical procedures, issued by the various governmental authorities, about the control of micro pollutant residuals in food. So, we are able to quickly synthesise new and customised products, according to such regulations.