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Our solution is your solution

Our team is made up of chemists, pharmacists, educators, and experts in instrumental chemical analysis as well as technical assistance specialists who have been working for many years in related scientific disciplines.
We are a lively and dynamic team, made up of youthful, ambitious and highly motivated people. We are thinkers, travellers, health fanatics, environmentalists, and hard workers: an innovative, competitive, skilled, and efficient “small company”.

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Experience and passion

We are professionals with over a century of experience in chemical analysis, but first of all we are a family that strongly believes in a common goal.

Extremely rare skills that we have in very specific fields allow us to create products with absolutely unique characteristics.

We actually grew up as Carlo Erba S.P.A. and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., one of the most prestigious multinationals in the sector. We strongly believe in the value of continuous training and we invest in it regularly by taking part in seminars, workshops and training courses.