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Analytical Standards, CRMs and RMs in the form of neat standards as well as single- and multi-component solutions

The LabStandard® catalog available online in this e-commerce platform includes over 4000 different analytical standards of organic and inorganic compounds available in pure form (neat), or in “single component” solutions and in “multicomponent” solutions (mixtures).

They are High Pure Compounds, stable and homogeneous and belonging to different classes of organic compounds such as: pesticides and metabolites, drugs, natural substances, mycotoxins, PAHs, PCBs, PFAS, MOSH/MOHA, labelled or not with stable isotopes.

Furthermore, the catalog contains the CRMs of all inorganic compounds (in single component and mixed solutions) that can be analyzed with ICP-OES, ICPMS and ICPMSMS techniques and Ion Chromatography (CI) or with multi-parametric colorimetric analyzers.

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