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Mix DO10 Components

Certified Reference Material (CRM) Solution
Compound Name CAS Number Nominal Concentration
2,4-D 94-75-7 100 mg/l
Bentazone 25057-89-0 100 mg/l
Chlorfluazuron 71422-67-8 100 mg/l
Fenpiclonil 74738-17-3 100 mg/l
Halosulfuron-Methyl 100784-20-1 100 mg/l
Hexaflumuron 86479-06-3 100 mg/l
Ioxynil 1689-83-4 100 mg/l
Lufenuron 103055-07-8 100 mg/l
MCPA 94-74-6 100 mg/l
Teflubenzuron 83121-18-0 100 mg/l

Additional information




100,00 mg/l


1,1ml silanized amber ampoule



Shelf Life

27 months

The "Shelf life" is the period of time between the production date and the expiry date of the product. With "expiry date" we indicate the last date on which the property values are guaranteed.


Expiry date is reported on the Certificate accompanying the product.

A product will be shipped guaranteeing at least 2/3 of its “shelf life”.

Shelf life and expiry date remain confirmed even after opening the primary packaging as long as GLP and storage and handling instructions indicated by the RMP are respected.

Price: 288,00


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