QuE-Lab® – Kit Extraction PHA in Soil LLE (sample 10 g) Pkg. n. 50 Transfer 12 ml Tubes (TT) with n. 50 Falcon 50 ml Tubes

Custom made QuEChERS

Additional information

Salts composition

4 g MgSO₄, 0,5 g NaCl

Packaging (box)

n. 50 Transfer 8 ml Tubes (TT) with n. 50 Falcon 50 ml Tubes


Acrilamide LLE Extraction

Sample Size

10 g

Sample Type

Food matrices *

Shelf Life *

36 months

*Food matrices include: chips, frenchfried, deep-fried, coffee, almonds, bread, cakes, cookies, crackers, beer, cereals, chocolate powder, corn chips, fish, meat, poultry, nuts, peanuts, nut and peanut butter, vegetable based snacks, soybeans, sunflower seeds, taco shells.


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* The “Shelf life” is the period of time between the production date and the expiry date of the product. With “expiry date” we indicate the last date on which the property values are guaranteedExpiry date is reported on the Certificate accompanying the productA product will be shipped guaranteeing at least 1/2 of its “shelf life”. Shelf life and expiry date remain confirmed even after opening the secondary packaging (box) as long as GLP and storage and handling instructions indicated by the RMP are respected.

1 Restricted to scientific laboratory use only.

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